Air Duct Cleaning


There is a common misunderstanding that the quality of indoor air cleaner and healthier as compared to the polluted air outdoors. However, a recent researchshows that the indoor air quality has 2-5 times higher pollution levels than the outdoor air. Thus, the indoor spaces of homes and commercial spaces might be clogged with bacteria, pollen, dust and allergens- and that is a red flag to your health. If you want to breathe in fresh air inside your homes and offices, make sure you monitor if the air ducts are functioning optimally. An unclean air duct can deteriorate air quality which may further result in a host of health issues. Prolonged exposure to unclean air can lead to several lung diseases, respiratory issues, allergies, and sometimes it goes to great extents that it can cause cancer. Has it been long time since you got your air duct cleaned? If yes, call the Lithia Springs, GA’s favorite air duct service firm – Lithia Springs GA Air Duct Cleaning.  To avail our services, just call us on 678-888-5838!

Why a dirty air duct means bad news?

  • Lithia Springs GA Air Duct Cleaning Lithia Springs, GA 678-888-5838It creates an unhygienic environment: The ducts can gather pollen, dander, dust and all kinds of allergens that needs to be cleared regularly. These pollutants, whenthey dissolve with the indoor air happen to be the cause of severe health risks, especially to people with a plethora of respiratory conditions such as asthma, wheezing etc. Moreover, these tiny particles will find their way into your home decors and ruin the appearance of your house entirely.
  • It hampers the performance of your HVAC system: If your energy bills are soaring by the day, make sure you look into the functioning of the air ducts. Most often dirt and debris get accumulated in your ducts and can curb the airflow indoors, forcing your HVAC unit to consume more energy. An impureair duct is not only responsible for the rise in energy bills; it may also reduce the lifespan of your unit.

We are one of the only firms who offer comprehensive air duct services. We employ innovative cleaning procedures and decontamination methods that helps inimproving the indoor air quality as well as the functioning of your HVAC system.

How do we get thejob done?

Cleaning the air duct is done by experts who have trained to handle the same. Following we will list down the various steps that is involved in the cleaning process:

Inspection:  We first monitor the ductwork system and mark various access points to ascertain that every nook and cranny of the system is cleaned thoroughly without a speck of dirt remaining.

Preliminary cleaning: Special brushes, designed especially for the purpose are used to eliminate all kinds of dirt and debris from your ducts.

Vacuum cleaning: The vacuum pumps are used to completely suck out all the debris and contaminants from the system. In order to ensure that the minute matter is not circulated back into the house, the expert techniciansmake proper use of vacuum pumps.

Follow-up:  We confirm that the whole system is decontaminated in the best manner and free of debris.

Our society is becoming more and more aware and the need for cleaner air has become an enormous requirement, not only outdoors but also indoors. If you live in Lithia Springs, GA and feel that the air that you are inhaling is filled with dirt and debris and it is the unclean air ducts that are responsible for the same, avail our air duct cleaning services now and experience the difference yourself. Reach out to Lithia Springs GA Air Duct Cleaning on 678-888-5838!